Sonya was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. Shortly after, her family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and there she spent the rest of her childhood years. Being of Italian descent, Sonya's family was rooted in the traditions and life-style of the Italians. Sonya's family is also deeply rooted in the church. Her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all preachers.          

Sonya's passion for the arts began as a little girl.  Encouraged by her cousins, she was involved in various children's choirs and plays. Sonya started taking piano and ear training lessons at the Thibaud Piazzini Conservatory when she was eight years old. She was always involved in music groups at her local church and during her teen years, she was part of a trio ensemble, which allowed her to perform in different venues around the city. She was also involved in various well-known musical productions in Buenos Aires.          

Shortly after tying the knot with her best friend, Walter Da Silva, Sonya moved back to the United States to pursue a degree in vocal performance at Lee University. While at Lee, she joined the Lee Singers and traveled with them all over the United States and Europe. 

A little after settling in Atlanta, GA, Sonya went back to school pursuing Music Composition Studies at Georgia State University and graduated in 2013. In January 2013, Sonya released her first album as a solo artist. Shortly after, she got the opportunity to tour through Argentina, Puerto Rico and around the US. One of her fans' favorite selections is “Just Another Day.” The lyrics to this song were born after the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

​In 2014, Sonya toured around France, Spain and Belgium promoting her album with much success. In 2015, she worked with Grammy Award Winner producer Dru Castro and wrote 3 singles. Shortly after she opened her music studio in Smyrna, GA. Sonya focuses in training church vocal ensembles, team leaders as she also writes vocal arrangements for choirs and other artists. Sonya is currently writing new music to complete her second album.