I wish people would come to the world with warning signs

When building relationships of any kind (friendships, professional/work, ministry, etc.) I do pay a lot of attention to people's behavior and attitude toward things. I've been burned way too many times walking in the desert with people that simply don't care or can't find the capacity to notice details beyond their own feelings until I learned to make the decision of crossing to green pastures. I had to learn to measure and balance what works for my sanity and who, in my life, gets vip tickets. It sounds cold. I promise it isn't. People usually don't come with “DO NOT LET ME IN” warnings so we don't open our hearts. If we come upon these decisions is because it already hurts. Tears were probably shed. Yet, if we don't learn to create distance and adopt boundaries, people could walk all over us because we simply let them. 

On the other hand, I had to learn that what's important to me doesn't necessarily have to be important to other people. Other people don't have to treasure what I treasure. Even the fact that we don't come first or second or 5th for secondary people (not close family and closest friends) shouldn't bother us. What is hard to deal with is the sting of rejection. 

We have to learn to analyze people's behavior and be realistic. We ALL react pretty much the same when we are invested or interested in something or someone. Regardless of our age group, culture, ethnic group or religion, if we want something pretty bad, we go get it. If we respect someone or have someone in high regard, we don't leave them hanging. If you want to get a part (acting/singing solo/audition/job) you come prepared. Attitude speaks louder than words. We grow up with parents and teachers (most of us) that repeat these concepts over and over. Unfortunately, for some people it only clicks when they loose friends or opportunities. I'm sure it happened to me as well. I just don't remember right now cause I'm writing from the other perspective. It does hurt me when people take me for granted but there's nothing I can do about that except organizing my thoughts and feelings and setting boundaries. 

Something I did learn from these experiences is this. That EVERYTHING works together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose. I happen to love God and I know I'm called. So even rejection works together for my good. God knows why and what I have to learn from this. I'm human. So I can't wait for the sting of rejection to depart from my heart. But in the mean time I choose to trust the Lord.   

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