"You is kind; you is smart; you is important..."

I'm not sure if you watched the move "The Help". If you haven't then you need to do yourself a favor a watch it. Or even better, read the book! I'm not gonna spoil it for you. I'll just say you'll hear that phrase when you watch it. In whatever language we speak, with an accent, slang or however we talk it is important that we speak words of affirmation to others as well as ourselves. Take a pause sometime during the day and reflect on the gifts you have. We were all created to shine somehow. We all have skills and potential waiting to be polished or discovered. But many times, they need to be discovered to our own selves. Sometimes the negative voice in our ears speak louder than the positive and that's when we need to choose who will we listen to. One thing is to listen to a true friend that is showing you something negative so you can change it or better it, and a very different thing is to just listen to pure negativity. We were all created in the image of God. He truly believed in us as He was molding us. I know many circumstances in life make us loose faith in ourselves but even if we have to go to past memories when we were kids, I know that some of us can find something in there that would help us remember how awesome we are. So do yourselves a favor and pause for a minute. Think of all of the things that just make you wonderful. Kindness is a virtue that many of us can use some more of. Especially when it comes to be kind to ourselves. So be smart about being kind to yourself so you can discover how important you are!


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