How to loose a guy in 10 days

Have you watched the movie? It's pretty funny. But in reality, I think it's easier to come up with a list of stupid things to do to lose the interest of a guy/girl pretty quick than a list on how to keep them. But my question is, why would we even be interested in a to-do list or how-to behave in order to keep someone? The fact that it sounds like a job would be the first red flag.

I know a few people that think that they'd be happier if they would be in a romantic relationship or had a family of their own. By experience I could tell you that having a family and being in a relationship (the right one) could bring many happy moments. But the moment you entrust your happiness to another human being other than yourself and God... well... good luck, my friend!


We all want to be loved. Even when we are in the middle of a great romantic relationship you'll find out that you'll also want to be loved and approved by other family members, friends, co-workers and so on and so forth. Feeling unwanted or unloved feels awful. I get that and I've been there.


Still, I think focusing on our need to be loved in stead of investing and loving ourselves is our first mistake. We all have the same need but the ones who are more productive about it and wise end up being more successful.


Nobody is perfect. If I would have to listen to all the negativism and criticism around me I would fall into depression. Even my own doubts and self criticism can give me a bad headache. And those are the hardest voices to quiet. There are many things from our past that we won't be able to fix unless we decide to move forward. Life has its funny moments. Rest assured that if we absolutely need to fix something from our past to conquer our future it will come right back to us to do so.

That doesn't mean we won't listen to good advice. Listening to the advice of the wise is a great attribute to have. Condemning ourselves is not.


Happiness lies in every good memory and pleasant moments we create for our enjoyment. Happiness lies in our achievements as well as a good conversation. It could also lie in someone else's achievements as long as we are content within. And that should be our first focus. Find contentment within yourself. Don't be afraid of searching your heart. When you start enjoying the little things you won't feel the need to make lists on how to keep someone beside you. They will want to spend the rest of their lives with you.


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