Loyalty, love... and vampires

My daughter and I watched the Twilight Saga last weekend. Yes, I know it's a bit cheesy, and that's being generous and nice. However, I cannot avoid every once in a while to go back to the story again. I can careless about vampires, wolves, or what's going on in Forks. But there's something about it that draws me in and it has nothing to do with the hot main characters. Something that I love about the storyline is loyalty and pure love. I guess it is not that common anymore to find that kind of loyalty in this world and having the will to modify your own nature for moral convictions. That's what "the Cullens" represent, at least in the saga. I know! It's a movie. But I can't help but think that maybe Stephenie Meyer, the writer of this story was craving that as well.


I am blessed enough to be able to enjoy a relationship like that. I married my best friend. And even though we enjoy one another and have lots of fun, we had to learn to respect each other first. Trusting someone is not easy and it is as important to provide a trusting platform for our loved one as we start opening our hearts to receive love.

In a world where you're worth the money you got and everything has a price it is very hard to understand loyalty. Still, I truly believe it is worth pursuing.

The dictionary says that loyalty means allegiance, fidelity, a sense of duty or of devoted attachment to something or someone. Loyalty connotes sentiment and the feeling of devotion that one holds for one's country, creed, family or friends. I think this is an amazing quality to have.

In the deceiving world we live today I'd strife for loyalty. If I need it, I know without a doubt that someone else probably does it too and I would love for people to see that in me.

I understand that money, power, popularity are tempting achievement and of course, who doesn't want to be successful. On the other hand, when a friend is in need of something money can't buy there comes loyalty and it can be as easy as just being there. That's why I love watching those movies. I wanna have friends like "the Cullens", thirst controlled and all, of course. And I think that probably more than just two or three people crave that old school love that can't be found anymore. True love can wait, respects, supports, encourages, and comes first.

It can happen in real life, I know. It's worth it. You deserve it.


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